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21st November 2018

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Pizza Hut Vouchers Codes

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About Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut is one of the high street's most recognisable restaurants, serving up a range of salads, pastas, desserts and of course, pizzas. It's popular with everyone, from families to students and couples who fancy taking a break from cooking. Although it feels like such a familiar part of our history, Pizza Hut only arrived in England in 1973, when the first branch was built in Islington, London.

After this initial success the chain began to introduce more variety to the menu, starting with deep pan pizzas in 1980, for diners who prefer a thicker base to their favourite snack. This was followed in 1995 by another innovation; the stuffed crust. This indulgent feast consisted of filling the pizzas crust with a generous helping of cheese and maybe additional ingredients like bacon or hotdogs. Things took a new culinary direction in 2000 when the Hut launched The Edge, a thinner pizza with a more generous helping of toppings reaching right across the base. 2004 saw the launch of the Big New Yorker, a whopping 16 inch pizza, which was only available for a limited time.

By 2006 there were nearly 700 Pizza Hut restaurants in the UK and they celebrated by creating Cheesy Bites, a pizza ringed by 28 little parcels of cheese. Then, after buying the Godfather chain of restaurants in Ireland, they revealed the Pepperoni Stuffed Crust and Garlic Crust pizzas, along with the Tuscani pasta range in 2009. As of 2010 children could eat free at Pizza Hut and this was soon followed by a free salad bar in 2011. After celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 with the Crown Crust pizza, they launched their latest creation, the gluten-free pizza. Many restaurants have also had a complete makeover. With the introduction of booths, neon lighting and more colour, there's a distinct air of Americana as the chain looks back to its US roots.

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